Welcome to CatsEye XI!

CatsEye XI is a private Final Fantasy XI server that has quality of life improvements while still maintaining the 75 era feel that is beloved by many FFXI players.

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Once your account has been created, you will have access to our database tools that allow you to look up items, mobs, auction house listings, bazaars, and much more!

  • Level 75 Cap
  • Trusts Enabled
  • Milestone Rewards
  • Missions up to ToAU
  • WoTG & Abyssea Zones Accessible
  • Modern Job Abilities, Weapon Skills, & Spells
  • Increased Combat, Magic, and Crafting Skill Gain Rate
  • Fields/Grounds of Valor
  • Records of Eminence
  • Fishing Enabled
  • Mounts Enabled
  • All Maps Unlocked
  • All Outposts Unlocked
  • Sprout Beret & Echad Ring Enabled
Custom Content
  • Crystal Warrior Mode
  • Sky Augment System
  • AF+1 Augment System
  • Domain Invasion
  • Sky 2.0
  • Zeni Notorious Monsters
  • Nyzul Isle
  • Custom HNM System
  • Custom Loot Pools
  • Login Campaign
  • Free Relic for Crafters
  • Mythic/Aeonic WS Quests
  • RUN/GEO Unlockable with AF Quests