Crystal Warrior

The CatsEyeXI private server is designed to provide players with a unique Final Fantasy XI experience that blends modern quality of life features with the nostalgic feel of the original game. The Crystal Warrior game mode is a new addition to the server that aims to provide a level of challenge for players who don’t align with all of our modern conveniences.

Crystal Warrior is designed as a completely fresh experience, combining Hardcore, Self-Found and Classic 75-era style gameplay. This separate mode runs alongside existing CatsEyeXI players.


  • Crystal Warrior is an exciting new game mode that builds upon the best aspects of "Classic era" FFXI, with old systems rebalanced and re-imagined, and vast amounts of new content to explore.

    Self-found (Also known as "Ironman") brings value to all activities, expanding worthwhile content and preventing the game from becoming a stale, repetitive, gil per hour equation.

    An optional "hardcore" variant called "Unbreakable" is available to take the challenge even further.

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  • Group play is highly encouraged and numerous incentives are given for helping others with missions and quests. Additional new content incorporates this philosophy, making Crystal Warrior a social experience.

    The scaling trust limit allows players to progress solo as any job, without replacing the value of parties.

    Crystal Warriors can unlock exclusive new armor sets designed for each job

Founding Principles

  • Group-based progression with party based leveling, giving additional rewards to motivate it
  • Trading is restricted, encouraging players to explore all content to acquire their items
  • Era forms of travel retain importance to enhance immersion and make the world feel connected
  • Features unlock through meaningful content to avoid "free" rewards that undermine accomplishment
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NOTE: Crystal Warrior is offered in two variations. Please acknowledge the differences by clicking the tabs below!
    Standard Crystal Warriors
    • "Standard" Crystal Warriors do not reset to Level 1, lose any items, spells, or skills as a result of a death.
    • Crystal Warriors are denoted by their colored name and accompanying icon next to their character’s name in-game and on search results.
    • All forms of trade are restricted including the delivery box, player-to-player trades (Except Linkpearls), and use of the Auction House and Bazaars.
    • Survival Guides, Home Points and Unity Warps are disabled. This ensures that the player must travel on foot or by airship, chocobo, unlocked outposts or boat to progress through the game. Players can still unlock Outposts normally.
    • Dual boxing is not allowed for Crystal Warriors. This ensures the player must rely solely on their own abilities, and those of other Crystal Warrior players to progress through the game.
    • Crystal Warriors cannot join parties or alliances containing non-Crystal Warrior player(s).
    • If the player forms a party with Crystal Warrior players, an EXP bonus is granted to the entire group. This is designed to encourage players to team up and tackle challenges together.
    • An announcement system globally broadcasts Crystal Warrior milestones and deaths. Crystal Warriors also compete for glory on the website Leaderboards.
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New Content

  • Crystal Warriors begin in new starting areas complete with introductory cutscenes and quests!
  • Missions have been fully rebalanced with the original level caps including new rewards for helpers!
  • More than 70 New quests and New Notorious Monsters have been implemented!
  • 11 New locations for HELM (Harvesting, Excavation, Logging, Mining) have been added to provide players with more options and access to raw materials!
  • Crystal Warriors can explore all of the additional new content already on CatsEyeXI!
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New Features

  • Renovio in Selbina and Steel Teeth in Mhaura will offer their services to provide Crystal Warriors with a plethora of armor sets including previously unused sets, completely re-imagined and redesigned.
  • Once per week, Crystal Warriors will be able to participate in a ring match against hordes of Yagudo. Exclusive augmented armor sets will be distributed among participants.
  • Nemosyne will restore a Crystal Warrior's previously lost or discarded quest rewards, for a price. Her services become available after completion of a short quest.
  • Renovio
  • Gronk in Lower Jeuno, who offers rewards for the completion of the Goblin Daily Quests, will now have entirely new rewards for Crystal Warriors, including numerous items to assist in adventuring.
  • Treasures of Aht Urhgan excavation areas are unlocked through a series of new quests. These new areas contain lost artifacts that must be appraised at the relevant merchants to reveal their true value.
  • Each in-game week, Guild Helpers will request a specific material which can be exchanged for a reward, including new augmented items.
  • Aluntanie
  • Riding Thunder in Upper Jeuno will allow Crystal Warriors to switch their rental Chocobo for any new models they have unlocked through exclusive rewards.
  • Upon reaching level 50 with an eligible job, Crystal Warriors will be able to participate in a new battle to procure the materials needed for their Artifact Armor quests. This allows Crystal Warriors to obtain their armor in lieu of the high crafting skill required for some materials.
  • Petros in Provenance will offer rewards to Crystal Warriors who complete Milestones. He can be accessed via the Provenance Ring, acquired upon completing a series of quests.
  • Riding Thunder
    Artifact Quest


  • EXP is reduced to Classic 75 era rates and only standard Conquest rings are available. The maximum bonus of these rings has been rebalanced for Crystal Warrior.
  • Synthesis, Fishing, and Combat skill-ups are reduced to era accurate rates and amounts.
  • While level sync is available, gear scaling is disabled and any equipped gear over the sync’s level will be automatically unequipped.
  • BCNM teleporting is enabled for Crystal Warriors via Domenic in the Tenshodo of Lower Jeuno after completing a new quest.
  • Receiving heals or support from non-Crystal Warrior players is blocked to ensure fair play.
  • Records of Eminence, Goblin Mystery Box, Login Points and custom commands are disabled.
Matter of Trust II
Crystal Ascension
Saving My Hide


  • Each person wanting to play on CatsEyeXI is allowed to possess (2) characters for normal play, and (1) character for Crystal Warrior mode.
  • Players who wish to participate in Crystal Warrior mode must register a new account on the website that will be flagged for this mode by clicking the Crystal Warrior “checkbox” on the creation screen. Once enabled, the Crystal Warrior status cannot be removed, and players are not allowed to leave the program.
Zilart Mission
Grauberg [S]
Garlaige Citadel [S]
      Unbreakable Crystal Warriors
      • Crystal Warriors may choose "Unbreakable" through unskippable dialog options during the introduction.
      • The player’s current job will be reset to Level 1 on death. However, they will continue as an Unbreakable Crystal Warrior. Players will not lose any items, spells, or skill points as a result of the death.
      • Players participating in BCNM battles and level capped quests will not be reset to Level 1.
      • Reaching Level 75 on any given job will lock it from resetting to Level 1 permanently.
      • Upon reaching Level 75 with all jobs, Unbreakable Crystal Warriors gain "Master" Stars over their name.
      • Crystal Warriors are able to remove their "Unbreakable" status with a one time quest in Mhaura, provided they have not received any Milestone Rewards. The player will then continue on as a Standard Crystal Warrior.
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