Crystal Warrior

The CatsEyeXI private server is designed to provide players with a unique Final Fantasy XI experience that blends modern quality of life features with the nostalgic feel of the original game. The Crystal Warrior game mode is a new addition to the server that aims to provide a level of challenge for players who don’t align with all of our modern conveniences.

Crystal Warrior is designed as a completely fresh experience, combining Hardcore, Self-Found and Classic 75-era style gameplay. This separate mode runs alongside existing CatsEyeXI players.

NOTICE: Crystal Warrior mode is offered in two variations.
Please acknowledge the differences before creating your character by clicking on the tabs below!
You will be unable to switch modes or delete your character after selecting!
    Standard Crystal Warriors
    • Crystal Warriors will be denoted by their colored name and accompanying icon next to their character’s name in-game and on search results.
    • "Standard" Crystal Warriors will not reset to Level 1, lose any items, spells, or skill points as a result of a death.
    • "Standard" Crystal Warriors will earn milestone points at a slower rate than "Unbreakable" Crystal Warriors.
    • All forms of trade are restricted including the delivery box, player-to-player trades (Except Linkpearls and Timeless Hourglasses), and use of the auction house and bazaars.
    • Survival Guides, Home Points and Unity Warps are disabled. This ensures that the player must travel on foot or by airship, chocobo, unlocked outposts or boat to progress through the game. Players can still unlock Outposts normally.
    • Dual boxing is not allowed for Crystal Warriors. This ensures the player must rely solely on their own abilities, and those of other Crystal Warrior players to progress through the game.
    • Crystal Warriors will not be able to join parties or alliances containing non-Crystal Warrior player(s).
    • If the player is in a full party of Crystal Warrior players, a 20% exp bonus is granted to the entire group. This is designed to encourage players to team up and tackle challenges together.
    • An announcement system will globally broadcast Crystal Warrior milestones and deaths. (Players will be able to mute this if they wish).


  • Crystal Warriors will begin their adventure in new starting areas complete with introductory cutscenes and quests!
  • Missions have been fully rebalanced with the original level caps including new rewards for helpers!
  • 30 New quests and New Notorious Monsters have been implemented!
  • 10 New locations for HELM (Harvesting, Excavation, Logging, Mining) have been added to provide players with more options and access to raw materials!
  • Future content is already being developed, ready to be delivered in the first Crystal Warrior update!
  • Crystal Warriors can explore all of the existing content already on CatsEyeXI!
Content 1
Content 2
Content 3


  • Players will be eligible to unlock two trust slots through exclusive Crystal Warrior quests.
  • Character progression milestones have point values assigned to them throughout gameplay, including leveling and completing missions or quests.
  • Exclusive armor sets have been made available to participants of the program. These items are designed to be statistically equivalent to the mid-tier offering available through our normal gameplay mode. All players will still need to participate in end-game events to acquire best-in-slot items.
  • Other than armor sets, select a la carte items will be made available that can be augmented using a selected currency (TBD).
  • Upon 100% completion of all milestones, Unbreakable Crystal Warriors earn “Master” stars over their names.
Rewards 1
Rewards 2
Rewards 3


  • Players will not be able to obtain login points.
  • “Goblin Mystery Box” is restricted.
  • Receiving heals or support from non-Crystal Warrior players is blocked to ensure fair play.
  • Records of Eminence is disabled.
  • EXP bonus gear is disabled. This ensures that the player cannot use gear to speed up their leveling progression.
  • EXP is reduced to era rates. This ensures that the player must earn each level up by investing time in their character.
  • While level sync is available, gear scaling is disabled and any equipped gear over the sync’s level will be automatically unequipped.
  • Synthesis, Fishing, and Combat skill-ups are reduced to era accurate rates and amounts.
  • BCNM teleporting is enabled for Crystal Warriors via Domenic in the Tenshodo of Lower Jeuno. This is designed to provide a way for Crystal Warriors to easily participate in BCNMs while maintaining the challenge of the Crystal Warrior mode.
  • Chains of Promathia areas are properly level capped.
  • Players participating in BCNM battles will not be reset to Level 1.
  • Access to custom commands is restricted.


  • Each person wanting to play on CatsEyeXI is allowed to possess (2) characters for normal play, and (1) character for Crystal Warrior mode.
  • Players who wish to participate in Crystal Warrior mode must register a new account on the website that will be flagged for this mode by clicking the Crystal Warrior “checkbox” on the creation screen. Once enabled, the Crystal Warrior status cannot be removed, and players are not allowed to leave the program.
      Unbreakable Crystal Warriors
      • The player’s current job will be reset to Level 1 on death. However, they will continue as an Unbreakable Crystal Warrior. Players will not lose any items, spells, or skill points as a result of the death. Reaching Level 75 on any given job will lock it from resetting to Level 1 permanently.
      • Unbreakable Crystal Warriors will earn milestone points at a higher rate than "Standard" Crystal Warriors.
      • Upon completion of all milestones, Unbreakable Crystal Warriors will gain "Master" Stars over their name plates.
      • Rewards 4
        Rewards 5
        Rewards 6