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Approved Addons & Plugins

These are the only addons/plugins that are approved for use on CatsEyeXI. Our installation client has the Ashita Addons & Plugins pre-installed for your convenience.

    Ashita Addons
  • blumon
  • blusets
  • checker
  • clock
  • debuff
  • distance
  • drawdistance
  • enternity
  • fastcs
  • findall
  • filters
  • find
  • fps
  • ibar
  • mapdot
  • mobdb
  • npcit
  • pbar
  • petinfo
  • recast
  • rolltracker
  • scoreboard
  • sellnpc
  • sexchange
  • sparks
  • skillchains
  • status
  • timestamp
  • tparty
  • xipivot
    Ashita Plugins
  • ashitacast
  • dashcamt
  • datst
  • deepst
  • durationt
  • hardwaremouset
  • lootwhoret
  • minimapt
  • multisendt
  • screenshott
  • shorthandt
  • statustimerst
  • watchexpt
    Windower Addons
  • aecho
  • autocontrol
  • autjoin
  • azuresets
  • barfiller
  • battlemod
  • blualert
  • cancel
  • clock
  • consolebg
  • distance
  • enternity
  • equipviewer
  • fastcs
  • fastfollow
  • findall
  • gearswap
  • infobar
  • scoreboard
  • sellnpc
  • send
  • setbgm
  • shortcut
  • skillchains
  • stopwatch
  • targetinfo
  • thtracker
  • timestamp
  • tparty
  • tresurepool
  • xipivot
  • xivbar
    Windower Plugins
  • autoexec
  • binder
  • config
  • delaymenot
  • infobar
  • sandbox
  • ssorganizer
  • timers
  • weathermon

CatsEye XI Player Rules

  • 1. Be Polite

    You are expected to conduct yourself with respect towards your fellow players, staff, the server and yourself. Failing to do so can result in suspension of your account as well as losing access to global linkshells and discord. Repeat violations of this rule may be met with increased severity.

    We have adventurers of all ages on this server and as such your name as well as your communication in global channels should reflect that. Please keep those channels clean, polite, and free of excess spam or divisive discourse. In addition, hate speech, bigotry and harassment have no place here whether public or private. They will not be tolerated.

    Should someone violate these expectations, don't try to resolve it in public channels as this tends to inflate the issue and/or feed the trolls. Our staff is here to support you, please open a GM ticket for assistance.

    Please don't ping staff unless asked to.

  • 2. Accounts

      Without an IP exception you are allowed the following per household.
    • 2 ACE accounts with 1 character each
    • 1 CW account with 2 characters
    • 1 WEW account with 5 characters

    • If you have more than one person playing from your household please open a GM ticket for an IP exception. Having more than the allowable accounts per player is against the rules and will result in loss of character(s).

    • Account sharing is not allowed
    • We ask that players change their name in the CEXI Discord server to reflect their character name(s).
  • 3. Don't Cheat

    Players who intentionally cheat by pos hacking, speed hacking, automating processes (with the exception of ATTENDED CurePlease and Ashitacast/Gearswap), injecting packets to dupe, using shorthand to claim a mob, or intentionally crashing the server will be banned.

    Add-ons not in the Approved List will require review before use. Please open a GM ticket and link the addon you're looking to use.

  • 4. Play Nice

    Engaging in market manipulation and taking advantage of exploits is expressly forbidden and may result in losing character assets or worse. If you suspect this behavior or have concerns about whether something is being exploited, please open a GM ticket to discuss.

    Griefing and Player Killing is not allowed. Failure to abide by this rule will be met with suspension or worse.

    Holding mobs, whether holding an NM while your party gathers, holding a placeholder, or any other method of holding a mob isn't allowed. If this is reported, a GM will give you a specified timeframe to either engage or to warp. Failure to do so will result in GM action.

    When claiming a mob, the player/party that got the claim keeps the claim unless they wipe. If you lose claim and somehow stay engaged due to a glitch or if the zone crashes, respect your fellow players enough to disengage.

    /yell is for selling goods and looking for parties ONLY!

  • 5. Have fun and act responsibly

    While we all love FFXI, it's important to remember to take breaks, touch grass, spend time with your family. This server exists for everyone to enjoy! Respect your fellow players, be accountable to yourself, and let's have fun together!