Approved Addons & Plugins

These are the only addons/plugins that are approved for use on CatsEyeXI. Our installation client has the Ashita Addons & Plugins pre-installed for your convenience.

    Ashita Addons
  • autojoin
  • blumon
  • blusets
  • checker
  • clock
  • debuff
  • distance
  • drawdistance
  • enternity
  • fastcs
  • findall
  • filters
  • find
  • fps
  • hxui
  • ibar
  • mapdot
  • mobdb
  • npcit
  • partybuffs
  • pbar
  • petinfo
  • points
  • pupsets
  • recast
  • rolltracker
  • scoreboard
  • sellnpc
  • sexchange
  • simplelog
  • sparks
  • skillchains
  • status
  • targetlines
  • timers
  • timestamp
  • tparty
  • xipivot
    Ashita Plugins
  • ashitacast
  • dashcam
  • dats
  • deeps
  • duration
  • hardwaremouse
  • legacyac
  • lootwhore
  • minimap
  • multisend
  • screenshot
  • shorthand
  • statustimers
  • watchexp
    Windower Addons
  • aecho
  • autocontrol
  • autjoin
  • azuresets
  • barfiller
  • battlemod
  • blualert
  • cancel
  • clock
  • consolebg
  • distance
  • enternity
  • equipviewer
  • fastcs
  • fastfollow
  • findall
  • gearswap
  • infobar
  • scoreboard
  • sellnpc
  • send
  • setbgm
  • shortcut
  • skillchains
  • stopwatch
  • targetinfo
  • thtracker
  • timestamp
  • tparty
  • tresurepool
  • xipivot
  • xivbar
    Windower Plugins
  • autoexec
  • binder
  • config
  • delaymenot
  • infobar
  • sandbox
  • ssorganizer
  • timers
  • weathermon

CatsEye XI Player Rules

  • 1. No unauthorized third-party tools

    The use of unauthorized third-party tools to manipulate movement or speed in ways not intended by the Final Fantasy XI client is strictly forbidden.

    This includes tools that manipulate movement speed, adjust player position (warping), and/or using tools that scan and abuse the NavMesh (map boundaries) to gain an unfair advantage.

    Please refer to the Approved Addons & Plugins list for all addons & plugins allowed for use on our server.

  • 2. Do not automate your character

    Using any tools, program, and scripts to automate any form of player activity is outright forbidden. This is specifically referring to claiming, farming, skilling up, etc.

    The only two exceptions to this rule are using Cure Please on an attended character while you are present at the controls and exchanging sparks.

  • 3. Do not abuse buyback of vendors

    Do not abuse the buyback price on vendors if you find them to be exploitable. One example of such an abuse is purchasing items from a vendor then selling it back for a profit. Report it immediately via GM Ticket!

    This is something that is very easily trackable and is proactively enforced. Failure to comply with this rule will result in confiscation of your gil, and additional corrections depending on the severity and frequency of the infractions.

  • 4. No intentional market manipulation

    Intentionally engaging in market manipulation is grounds for having your assets removed. Faking auction house histories by buying/selling items to your alternate account, artificially inflating or deflating prices of items, price fixing, or manipulating prices through collusion are all considered such actions.

  • 5. Report abuse of the auction house

    Players are proactively encouraged to report any discrepancies of the Auction House bot to the GMs in the form of a GM support ticket. In addition, players are also encouraged to report any potential abuse of the Auction House bot mechanics in the form of a GM support ticket as well.

  • 6. Do not maliciously harm our server

    The staff at CatsEyeXI makes server stability their number 1 priority. Players are expected to have behave accordingly. We actively track, log, and review all server crashes. Any players found intentionally crashing the server will result in permanent account termination and they will no longer be welcome on CatsEyeXI.

  • 7. Maximum of 2 characters per household/IP Address

    Players are limited to a maximum of 2 characters per household/IP address. New accounts are limited to 1 character, resulting in a maximum of 2 accounts per person. Please choose carefully when selecting your character name and race.

    The staff have removed the ability for players to delete their own characters, so make sure you choose wisely. You will be stuck with the characters you create!

    Account Rules and Limitations FAQ
  • 8. Submit a GM ticket if you have a reason for having more than 2 accounts

    In the event that there is more than 1 player in a household, then an IP exception may be extended to the player. Please open a GM ticket using the GM Support channel and provide us with the information that we will request at that time.

    Be aware that the GM staff does keep a list of these exceptions, and they are instructed to closely monitor them for compliance. We do not want to see anyone taking advantage of these exceptions.

    Such examples may include: 1 player controlling 4 characters at once or having 3 characters on auto follow on one character. This can result in account termination(s), and no longer being welcome on the server.

  • 9. Be respectful to other players and staff

    Players and Staff alike have the expectation of being respectful to one another. Absolutely no harassment, witch hunting, threats of violence, hate speech of any kind (including but not limited to (race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or expression, disability, age, medical or mental health, etc.).

    Excessive swearing may also be considered in violation of this rule if it is deemed to be harassment towards another player or group.

  • 10. Report reocurring issues with players to staff

    In the event that you have an unfortunate incident or a reoccurring problem with another player (even a staff member), please do not be afraid to reach out to our staff or senior staff. Please try to keep this out of public chat as it will just create a larger problem.

    We would prefer to look for a resolution to the problem than making it worse.

  • 11. Do not discourage, belittle, or harass our developers

    Please be respectful to the massive amount of work our coders put in. One huge way of doing this is to not advertise for other servers. Saying certain content “sucks” or “not worth doing” is offensive to the people who spent hours coding it.

    We encourage you to submit suggestions to improve such content instead of being offensive. Players who break this rule may be muted in discord, have their linkshells broken, or more, depending on the severity or frequency of the offense.

  • 12. Your discord name must match your character name

    Players are requested that they change their Discord Server Nickname to match their in-game character name. This is done by finding your Discord name on the right side of discord, right clicking your name, and choosing the option "Change Nickname".

  • 13. No griefing

    Griefing and PK (player killing) is forbidden. Pulling monsters or leveraging monster mechanics to induce death of another player, or wipe of an alliance will result in action taken against you in the form of suspensions up to account termination.

  • 14. Do not direct message staff for items

    Do not /tell or direct message staff members for items during campaigns.