Approved Addons & Plugins

These are the only addons/plugins that are approved for use on CatsEyeXI. Our installation client has the Ashita Addons & Plugins pre-installed for your convenience.

    Ashita Addons
  • autojoin
  • blumon
  • blusets
  • checker
  • clock
  • debuff
  • distance
  • drawdistance
  • enternity
  • fastcs
  • findall
  • filters
  • find
  • fps
  • hxui
  • ibar
  • mapdot
  • mobdb
  • npcit
  • partybuffs
  • pbar
  • petinfo
  • points
  • pupsets
  • recast
  • rolltracker
  • scoreboard
  • sellnpc
  • sexchange
  • simplelog
  • sparks
  • skillchains
  • status
  • targetlines
  • timers
  • timestamp
  • tparty
  • xipivot
    Ashita Plugins
  • ashitacast
  • dashcam
  • dats
  • deeps
  • duration
  • hardwaremouse
  • legacyac
  • lootwhore
  • minimap
  • multisend
  • screenshot
  • shorthand
  • statustimers
  • watchexp
    Windower Addons
  • aecho
  • autocontrol
  • autjoin
  • azuresets
  • barfiller
  • battlemod
  • blualert
  • cancel
  • clock
  • consolebg
  • distance
  • enternity
  • equipviewer
  • fastcs
  • fastfollow
  • findall
  • gearswap
  • infobar
  • scoreboard
  • sellnpc
  • send
  • setbgm
  • shortcut
  • skillchains
  • stopwatch
  • targetinfo
  • thtracker
  • timestamp
  • tparty
  • tresurepool
  • xipivot
  • xivbar
    Windower Plugins
  • autoexec
  • binder
  • config
  • delaymenot
  • infobar
  • sandbox
  • ssorganizer
  • timers
  • weathermon

CatsEye XI Player Rules

  • 1. No unauthorized third-party tools

    The use of unauthorized third-party tools to manipulate movement, speed, or player position (including exploiting navmesh map boundaries) is strictly prohibited on CatsEye XI.

    Our Launcher already includes most approved addons, which are automatically downloaded for you. You can load them using the /addon command in-game.

    For a list of approved plugins and addons please see our Approved Addons & Plugins list.

    If you have questions about an addon not listed, we recommend opening a GM ticket for discussion.

  • 2. Do not automate your character

    The use of tools, programs, or scripts to automate player activities such as claiming, farming, and skilling up is strictly forbidden, with the exception of the "Cure Please" tool which may only be used while the player character is attended. The use of the "sellit" addon by Thorny is permitted for automated selling of sparks items.

  • 3. Do not abuse buyback of vendors

    Exploiting NPC buyback prices, such as buying items from a vendor and reselling them for profit, is prohibited. Failing to report such discoveries is also considered a violation.

    Non-compliance with either of these conditions will result in gil confiscation at a minimum, and additional sanctions may be imposed based on the severity and frequency of the infraction(s).

  • 4. No intentional market manipulation

    Engaging in market manipulation, including fabricating auction house histories, inflating or deflating item prices, price fixing, or colluding to manipulate prices, is strictly prohibited and may lead to action being taken.

  • 5. Do not maliciously harm our server!

    Ensuring server stability is our utmost priority at CatsEyeXI. We closely monitor and review all server crashes. Deliberately causing a server crash will result in permanent account termination.

  • 6. Maximum of 2 characters per household/IP Address

    In households with multiple players, an IP exception may be requested to allow more than two logins per IP address.

    To apply for an IP exception, please submit a GM ticket with the necessary details. However, we monitor exceptions closely for compliance. Abuse, such as controlling multiple characters simultaneously, will result in the removal of the IP exception and may lead to account termination.

    For more information, please visit: This Page

  • 7. Strive to maintain a healthy community

    If you have an issue with another player (including staff members), please contact our staff or senior staff privately instead of publicly addressing the issue.

  • 8. Harassment is not tolerated!

    Mutual respect and decency are fundamental principles in our community, encompassing interactions between players and staff. Any form of harassment, including unwelcome or offensive behavior, comments, or actions, is strictly prohibited. This also includes any hate speech based on race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, disability, age, medical or mental health, etc.

    Threats of violence against other players or groups will not be tolerated. Excessive swearing, especially when directed at others or used disrespectfully, may also be considered harassment. Remember, everyone is here to enjoy the game, so let's maintain positive and constructive interactions.

  • 9. Please be respectful of developers and staff

    Please respect the hard work of our developers. Refrain from advertising other servers or making negative comments about our content. Our staff members volunteer their time to provide you with free content for your enjoyment. While constructive criticism is always welcome, constant complaints without suggestions for improvement can be disheartening.

    Repeat offenses against this rule may result in the loss of Discord privileges and/or access to global linkshells.

  • 10. Do not grief other players

    Griefing and Player Killing (PK) are strictly forbidden. Intentionally causing another player's death or causing an alliance wipe will result in punitive measures, including account termination.

  • 11. Your discord name must match your character name

    Players are requested that they change their Discord Server Nickname to match their in-game character name. This is done by finding your Discord name on the right side of discord, right clicking your name, and choosing the option "Change Nickname".

  • 12. Do not direct message staff for items

    Do not /tell or direct message staff members for items during campaigns.

  • Crystal Warrior

  • 13. Account Restrictions

    Each person is allowed two regular (QoL) accounts and one Crystal Warrior (CW) account. If you decide to play Crystal Warrior, it is crucial to understand that your QoL characters must not interfere with Crystal Warrior gameplay in any way that compromises the integrity of the game mode.

    We strongly recommend that you keep your QoL character(s) in town or in your mog house while engaging in Crystal Warrior to avoid any potential violations. Game Masters (GMs) will closely monitor participants to ensure fair play.

    Should a player's regular character be found in close proximity to their Crystal Warrior character while out in the field, this will be considered a serious offense, and all accounts associated with that player may be immediately terminated.

  • 14. Character Slots

    Crystal Warrior accounts are allotted an extra content ID on their account that can be used by players wishing to try “Unbreakable” mode in conjunction with their “Standard” Crystal Warrior.