CatsEye XI Launcher


  • Easy Installation & Updates
  • Addons Pre-Installed
  • HQ .DAT pack Included
  • Configure Multiple Profiles
  • Installation Support

The CatsEye XI Launcher

We are extremely excited to announce the CatsEye XI Launcher!

Our launcher makes installing and updating FFXI a seemless process without having to open PlayOnline.

The CatsEye XI Launcher comes preinstalled with all of the addons that are approved for our server, and an HD .DAT pack provided by Ashenbubs!


  1. Download the CatsEyeXI Installer
  2. After launching the installer, you will be promtped to install several pre-requisites. All pre-requisites are required for proper operation.
  3. After the CatsEye XI Launcher has been installed, a shortcut to the launcher will be created on your desktop.

Detailed instructions and a troubleshooting guide can be found in our User Manual:

CatsEyeXI Launcher - User Manual 2022-12-01.pdf

Manual Client Installation (Latest Retail Client)

Instructions for manually installing the retail client for use with Windower or Ashita can be found on our Wiki here:

Client Installation & Updates

Need Help?

You can ask for help in the #installation-support channel in our discord. Our community and staff members will help you troubleshoot your issues.

If #installation-support was not able to help you, you may escalate to a GM-Support ticket.