About CatsEye XI

CatsEye XI is a private Final Fantasy XI server that has quality of life improvements while still maintaining the 75 era feel that is beloved by many FFXI players.

Our vision is to create an experience where both new and returning players can enjoy all aspects of FFXI, without as much of the time sink that was required to do so in 75 era retail. In addition, we aim to create new exciting experiences with our custom content for those looking for a new twist on their favorite game!

CatsEye XI runs on the LandSandBoat platform, which is religiously maintained and supported by a community of talented, enthiastic fans; many of which are developers either by hobby or by trade. This open-source project receives dozens of contributions each month, which makes it one of the most retail-accurate FFXI emulataors available.

Our developers maintain a close working relationship with the LSB team, and are one of the few servers that not only submits bug reports to LSB, but also attempts to fix them upstream as well.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Trusts Enabled
  • Modern Job Abilities, Weapon Skills, & Spells
  • Increased Combat, Magic, and Crafting Skill Gain Rate
  • Fields/Grounds of Valor
  • Mounts Enabled
  • All Maps Unlocked
  • All Outposts Unlocked
  • Sprout Beret & Echad Ring Enabled
  • Global Linkshell with LS Events

An example of how we incorporate quality of life changes while still maintaining the "75 era feel" is by starting all new players out with Outpost Warps and maps unlocked, but still require players to unlock the Home Point Crystal Network and Surival Guides.

We want players to actually experience the content by traversing into new territories to complete quests/missions; unlocking the HPs and survival guides in the process. However, access to Outpost Warps and maps makes the game more accessible to find an EXP group, complete Missions, or experience other content while still having to put the work in to unlock the fastest travel methods.

Several of our developers fondly remember the prime of the 75 era retail experience, but have since grown to a point in our lives where we just don\'t have the time to commit to that grind. As a result, our design philosophy is not to fundamentally change the "75 era feel", but to enhance it and make the game more accessible to all players.

Custom Content

In addition to the quality of life changes that we make to the server, our developers are also hard at work making new custom content for you to experience! While maintaining a retail accurate feel is a high priority, we still believe that new content is what will keep our community engaged and thriving long-term. This also allows our developers to express some creative freedom in their work that everyone will benefit from.

Sky Augment System

Augment your sky abjuration gear with tatters by trading your uncursed equipment and the required tatter to the synergy furnaces.

AF+1 Augment System

Augment your your AF+1 gear by trading organs and your AF+1 equipment to Vision in Port Jeuno

Sky 2.0

Our developers have created custom fights for all Sky Gods in Escha Ru\'Aun. They are some of the toughest fights in the game!

Custom Loot Pools

Because some of the original FFXI content is still under development, some loot pools on HNMs have been modified to drop rare items like salvage pieces!

Read more about our custom content on our wiki!

  • Crystal Warrior Mode
  • Sky Augment System
  • AF+1 Augment System
  • Domain Invasion
  • Sky 2.0
  • Zeni Notorious Monsters
  • Nyzul Isle
  • Custom HNM System
  • Custom Loot Pools
  • Login Campaign
  • Free Relic for Crafters
  • Mythic/Aeonic WS Quests
  • RUN/GEO Unlockable with AF Quests

Our Staff


Server Owner
Jun 2021


Community Outreach
Jan 2022


Public Relations
Jan 2022


May 2023


Sep 2022


Jun 2023


Apr 2023

The best method of contacting us, and ensuring the appropriate GM receives your message, is by opening a gm-support ticket.

While most of our GMs are open to receiving DMs from the community, please understand that they are volunteer staff and may not respond to you immediately.

Open Staff Positions

  • Project Manager
  • Developer
  • GM
  • Quality Assurance

If you are interested in joinining the CatsEye XI staff, open a #gm-support ticket to begin the process.

Please note that all staff positions are volunteer, and no compensation should be expected. In addition, all staff members are expected to uphold our code-of-conduct which includes, but is not limited to: protecting our modules branch code, maintaining a professional attitude, limiting information given to the community until the appropriate time, and being held to a higher standard of ethics.

We do understand that this can be a huge commitment, so please consider carefully before applying.

What we look for in our staff members:

Typically, the staff that we accept have demonstrated a commitment to the community, a professional attitude, problem solving skills, the ability to learn quickly, and some technical aptitude either before or durring their GM application process.

Become a Contributor

If you are an artist, graphic designer, musician, translator, or wish to contribute to CatsEye XI in some other way, start by opening a #gm-support ticket!

Contributors are recognized with an exclusive discord tag, and their name placed under the "special thanks" section of our website.

  • Graphic Designers
  • Artists
  • Musicians